Curly Tales 2

The return of a series in which five writers have their wicked way with the short story, unpacking the form and rebuilding it to suit themselves.

Turned Out Nice Again

In a world of fantasy anything is possible – even a TV reality show themed around the immortal George Formby.

Writer & Reader: Ian McMillan

Brother And Sister And Foot

An invasion of the body snatchers? Only a foot remains, and the noises…

Writer: Scarlett Thomas
Reader: Flora Montgomery

Two Encounters

An unexpected meeting on a business trip leads a businessman into a dark place in his own mind.

Writer: Roger Hyams
Reader: Paul Higgins

Loulou and Barbie and the Seven Deadly Sins

A late summer day. Soon Loulou will be twelve and it will be time to put away childish things… but what will poor Barbie do then?

Writer: Morven Crumlish
Readers: Tara Hugo & Flora Montgomery

Propaganda Airways

There is more than one way to wage war. And psychological warfare can be very effective…

Writer: Nick Walker
Reader: Kerry Shale

First Broadcast:

Monday - Friday, 1st-5th August 2005 at 15:45 on BBC Radio 4

Production Credits:

Broadcast Assistant: Sarah Tombling
Sound Engineer: David Thomas
Producer: Lisa Osborne
Executive Producer: Karen Rose

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