Death Of A Soldier

Lt Mark Evison was killed by a Taliban sniper as he led his men in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in May 2009. His mother, Margaret Evison, a clinical psychologist, began writing her book ‘Death Of A Soldier: A Mothers Story’ as she fought to come to terms with her grief. More than a meditation on grief, her story is a scrutiny of 21st century warfare, as her sons death raised questions that she feels have not been properly answered.

First Broadcast:

Monday 10th November 2014 at 14:15 on BBC Radio 4

Production Credits:

Writer: Margaret Evison
Adapted for radio by: Karen Rose
Cast: Penny Downie (Margaret Evison), Tom Riley (Mark Evison), Luca Thomas (Young Mark), Ben Crowe (Peek/Plan/Spooner/Gizzy/Gadsby/Sholto), Clare Cathcart (Nurse Maggie/Nurse Jill/Nurse Karen), Ian Masters (Thorneloe/Coroner/Consultant) & Vaughan Savidge (Newsreader).
Broadcast Assistant: Holly Slater
Sound Engineer: David Thomas, Jon Calver & Lucinda Mason Brown
Producer: Karen Rose
Music: Incidental music by Lucinda Mason Brown, Men Of Harlech performed by The Band Of Her Majesty’s Welsh Guards, Desert Ride by Jack Wall, After Hours Drums by Jim Crew, After Hours No Horns by Jim Crew, Nimrod by Elgar & performed by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Any Other Name by Thomas Newman.

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