Surgeons Mate

This Book at Bedtime is from Patrick O’Brian’s epic twenty-novel sequence of life in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars.  The Surgeon’s Mate joins Captain Jack Aubrey and Dr Stephen Maturin as they return home from captivity in America during the War of 1812. Soon they are engaged in another mission, despatched to the Baltic to turn a brigade of Catalan troops to the British cause.

First Broadcast:

Monday - Friday, 5th-16th July 2004 at 22:45 on BBC Radio 4

Production Credits:

Writer: Patrick O’Brian
Reader: Benedict Cumberbatch
Sound Engineer: Perry Andrews
Abridger & Producer: Lisa Osborne
Executive Producer: Karen Rose
Music: Eight Pieces For Violin and Cello: Gavotte by George Frederic Handel & performed by The Philharmonia Virtuosi

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