Beach Huts

Five stories set in a row of beach huts on the Brighton and Hove Sea front.

The Pet

Aunty Glenda has died and left her beach hut to her two nieces. Finding it exactly as it was when they visited their aunt as children, the sisters start to reminisce. But only one of them has happy memories.

Writer: Tara Gould
Cast: Jo McInnes (Frances) & Lucinda Cowden (Penny)

Consuming Desires

Marty’s relationship is on the rocks again. Stranded at 3.00am on the Brighton promenade he is drawn to a beach hut. Inside is an incredible luxury suite of everything he could have ever hoped for. But danger awaits.

Writer: Anita Sullivan
Cast: Frances Barber (Venus), Carl Prekopp (Marty) & Lucinda Cowden (Lou)

Mrs Doings

Charlie’s pensioner dad has been thrown out of home and has moved into Mrs Doing’s beach hut. But was it really just because he broke Charlie’s mother’s computer?

Writer: Olly Smith
Cast: Ian Lindsay (Dad), James Garnon (Charlie), Olly Smith (Roland) & Delia Lindsay (Mrs Doings)

Honey And Dust

Every Sunday Millie and her mother go to her grandmother’s beach hut. While the adults chat outside, Millie plays in the musty embrace of the hut. But today her play has taken a darker turn.

Writer: Jane Hansford
Cast: Skye Bennett (Millie), Joanna David (Helen) & Susannah Corbett (Rachel)

Gite A La Mer

The future. Land is at a premium and the new Green government has forbidden new building. Ever. Anywhere. Tom and Jordan, a young professional couple, are desperate to get on the property ladder. Will it be hut sweet home?

Writer: Laura Lockington & Damian Barr
Cast: Jason Hughes (Tom), Nina Wadia (Jordan) & David Holt (Simon)

First Broadcast:

Monday – Friday, 15th–19th May 2006 at 10:45 on BBC Radio 4

Production Credits:

Broadcast Assistant: Sarah Tombling
Sound Engineer: David Thomas
Producer: Karen Rose

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