Curly Tales

Five stories which have been taken over by writers who just can’t resist the urge to be different; with an open brief to forget the usual rules, let their hair down and have their wicked way with the short story…

The Proceedings of that Night

Up a lonely lane in the back of beyond, an actor enters an unmanned studio to read a ghost story.

Writer: Lynne Truss
Reader: Will Keen

Why My Grandmother Learned to Play the Flute

Over a long summer holiday a young girl hears her grandmother’s story in sound.

Writer: Scarlet Thomas
Reader: Flora Montgomery

Out Of Character

It’s an unnerving experience for a writer when his characters begin to come off the page and take charge of their own destinies…

Writer: Philip Ardagh
Readers: Mark Heap & Will Keen

A High Profile

On a cold night in New York City a virgin writer listens to his story on the radio. It’s his fifteen minutes of fame.

Writers: Nick Walker
Reader: William Hootkins

Writers Block

A writer stares at the empty page and wishes for words. Perhaps a walk will give him inspiration… and where is Aristotle when you need him?

Writer: Julian Simpson
Readers: Mark Heap & William Hootkins

First Broadcast:

Monday - Friday, 24th-28th November 2003 at 15:30 on BBC Radio 4

Production Credits:

Sound Engineer: David Thomas
Producer: Lisa Osborne
Executive Producer: Karen Rose

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