Flash Fiction

Flash fiction by Tania Hershman, prize-winning exponent of this burgeoning literary form. Simply, a flash is a very, very short story…

'Plaits'; 'Mugs'; 'My Mother Was An Upright Piano'; 'Manoeuvres'; 'Heavy Bones'; 'At Camden Town He Said He Loved Me'

Can love be found in a plaited lock of hair?  Love comes, love goes, love twists and plays in these six flash stories.

'The Painter And The Physicist'; 'The Mathematics Of Sunshine'; 'The Google 250'; 'Sweet Music'

Just what colour is an electron? How do you count a neutrino? And can the world’s most-Googled stars resist the greatest of all temptations?

'Missy'; 'Go Away'; 'Like Owls'; 'We Keep The Wall Between Us As We Go'; 'Transparent'; 'Heart'

Encounter unorthodox theories of motherhood, and meet fear, death and a pair of highly unusual sisters…

First Broadcast:

Tuesday - Thursday, 29th June-1st July 2010 at 15:30 on BBC Radio 4

Production Credits:

Writer: Tania Hershman
Readers: Nicola Walker & Tom Goodman-Hill
Broadcast Assistant: Sarah Tombling
Sound Engineer: David Thomas
Producer: Jeremy Osborne
Executive Producer: Karen Rose
Music: Teardrop by Massive Attack & Song For Jesse by Nick Cave/Warren Ellis

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