The Dream Life Of Sukhanov

1985. Gorbachev is in the Kremlin and change is in the air. The art critic Sukhanov, is at the height of his prestige. But life is about to unravel.

First Broadcast:

Monday - Friday, 13th-24th February 2012 at 22:45 on BBC Radio 4

Production Credits:

Writer: Olga Grushin
Reader: Robert Glenister
Broadcast Assistant: Sarah Tombling
Sound Engineer: Jon Calver
Producer: Marilyn Imrie
Executive Producer: Karen Rose
Music: On The Hills Of Manchuria by Llya Alexeyevich Shatrov & performed by the Symphony Orchestra of Polish Radio & Name Day Waltz performed by the Parley Of Instruments (LP: Onegin Film Soundtrack)

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