A musical drama by Ray Davies for Radio 4!

Join us this Saturday (2nd Nov’19) at 14:45 for a musical drama unlike anything you’ve heard on Radio 4 before, written by Sir Ray Davies and Paul Sirett, and starring Rosie Cavaliero and Lee Ross!
Half a century after its release, Davies has reimagined the Kinks album ‘Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall Of The British Empire)’ for radio – an impressionistic collage of dialogue and song, featuring tracks from the original album and other Kinks songs including Waterloo Sunset!
Arthur‘ is a personal history of Davies’s family and a social history of a particular class of ordinary north Londoners during and after WW2. A study in song of what it means to be British – then and now…

Dave Davies, Lee Ross (Arthur), Rosie Cavaliero (Rose) & Ray Davies