Future Home Of The Living God

Dangerous Visions

The world is in crisis. Evolution has gone into reverse: affecting all creatures great and small, including the next generation of humans. Fewer babies – or their mothers – are surviving to full term, and of those babies born, many have been identified as belonging to a more primitive species of human. As governments take drastic action to limit the catastrophe, there has never been a more dangerous time to be having a baby.

Cedar Songmaker is pregnant. She is the adopted daughter of Minneapolis liberals. Determined to find out as much about her baby’s make up as possible, she makes contact with her birth family on the Ojibwe reservation.

First Broadcast:

Monday - Friday, 4th-15th June 2018 at 22:45 on BBC Radio 4

Production Credits:

Writer: Louise Erdrich
Abridger: Jeremy Osborne
Reader: Cherrelle Skeete
Broadcast Assistant: Sarah Tombling
Sound Engineer: Shane O’Byrne & David Thomas
Producer: Lisa Osborne
Executive Producer: Karen Rose
Music: Sacagawea by Philip Glass

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