The boom in podcasts shows no signs of abating. That commute or run on the treadmill seems a lot more appealing when you’ve just dropped five new episodes of an addictive thriller or crime mystery – some of us are even getting fit off the back of it. Recent favourites are; Homecoming – a psychological thriller from Gimlet Media, made on the streets of New York with Catherine Keener, Oscar Issac and David Schwimmer as you’ve never heard him before. And Panoply’s science fiction thriller LifeAfter, which had us parked in a lay-by way longer than planned.

Given all of this, getting involved with our own ideas seemed like a no brainer. So it’s with great excitement (but with hands cupped over our mouths since it’s still under wraps), that we’re flagging a major new project in the States. Keep checking this site for updates. We think it’s going to be phenomenal and unlike anything we’ve made before.