Time Being

Five stories by brand new writers, all rising to the challenge laid down by generations of story writers before them – to capture a moment in time.

Diss Grace

This story takes its heroine to the gates of faith in a faithless age. Will Donna have the courage to stand out from the crowd?

Writer: Laura Marney
Reader: Tracey Wiles


The story of a photographer whose creative ambitions prove fatal when he travels to the ends of the earth to photograph a flock of near mythic flamingos.

Writer: Jake Elliot
Reader: Jenna Russell

Skin Deep

In the evening of a hot Oklahoma day, Mabel and Eddie Burden drive out to the Indian reservation for gas. But when an old Indian man climbs into the back of their car and begins to talk, they come away with more than cheap petrol.

Writer: Suzanne McGruther
Reader: Pat Starr

Carrying On

Ninety-two-year-old Ted is whiling away the hours in his hospital bed. He wants to go home but if he can’t he’s determined to make life as awkward as possible for the doctors and nurses who routinely ignore him on their daily rounds.

Writer: Jo Verity
Reader: Tony Rohr

How The Herring Became a Kippe

Just as Rudyard Kipling imagined how the exotic animals of India came to be, so Emma Parfitt does for one of our own native creatures.

Writer: Emma Parfitt
Reader: Stella Gonet

First Broadcast:

Monday - Friday, 5th-9th August 2002 at 15:30 on BBC Radio 4

Production Credits:

Sound Engineer: Perry Andrews
Producer: Lisa Osborne
Executive Producer: Karen Rose

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