The Not Knowing

When her four-year-old goes missing in a supermarket, Harriet begins to imagine her life with and without him.

In just 12 minutes, she’ll discover her child’s fate, but in the meantime her frantic real-time search for little Frank is punctuated by projections of both near and far futures, constantly rewritten in her own mind.

How will her marriage be affected? Her daughter? Her own capacity for love? And is it better to find out the worst possible news about your child than never to know what happened to them?

First Broadcast:

Wednesday 29th May 2019 at 14:15 on BBC Radio 4

Production Credits:

Writer: Daniel Maier
Cast: Louise Brealey (Harriet), Pippa Haywood (Therapist/Group Therapist/DS Pritchard), Mark Bazeley (Alex/Chris/DS Pritchard), Rebekah Staton (Tina/PC Day), Margaret Cabourn-Smith (Sophie/Briony/Journalist), Kathryn Drysdale (Rosie/Kelly/Shelf-stacker), David Holt (Supermarket Manager/Newsreader), Ben Crowe (PC Hobbes/Journalist/Harriet’s date) & Tom Glenister (Rosie’s date/PC Slater)
Broadcast Assistant: Sarah Tombling
Sound Engineer: David Thomas
Director: Karen Rose
Producer: Karen Rose
Music: Motion by Peter Sandberg, Approaching Complexity by Tangent, The Power Of Goodbye by Madonna, Excerpt From Translator by Loke Rahbek, Heavy Roller by Michael Palmer & Say It Again by Barrie Gledden, Jason Pedder and Jessica Greenfield

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