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Established in 2000, Sweet Talk is one of the UK’s leading audio production companies, crafting multi-award-winning drama, readings and documentaries – mainly for BBC Radio. Based in the heart of Brighton (a city with more creatives per square mile than almost anywhere else in the country bar London) we mine a range of disciplines for ideas – from dance and the visual arts to graphic novels and neuroscience. We’ve broadcast as-live Shakespeare in a pizza restaurant with actors masquerading as waiters, summoned up singing penguins from cartoonist Steve Bell’s imagination and reconstructed the mysterious medieval dancing plague of Strasbourg for the 21st century. We’re restless for innovative ways of telling stories in sound. Whether scripted or through documentary techniques – or by moving the mic around like a camera. At Sweet Talk, we strive to create distinctive, cross-genre programmes that will entertain and inspire.

Sweet Talkers

We’re a small but perfectly formed core of people who relish bringing together some of the country’s leading talent including award-winning directors, sound engineers/designers, composers, actors and writers, on a project by project basis. We love the alchemy that comes from a diverse range of professionals at the top of their game collaborating. And we really like experts at Sweet Talk – whether it’s Stephen Hawking on black holes or Andrew Birkin on J M Barrie. We also like to promote the work of new talent – for nine seasons on Radio 4 we produced ‘The Time Being’, a series of short readings for writers new to radio. Many of our writers who have had their first drama and prose commissions from Sweet Talk have been short-listed for awards. And many established creatives in other fields have had their first radio experience with Sweet Talk.

The Sweet Spot

We prefer to be proactive in our search for writers, so we don’t encourage unsolicited scripts. SEE NEWS…THE TIME BEING. Here are some links to organizations that offer useful knowledge about getting commissioned and writing/working for a range of platforms.

New Writing South
The Writers Room
BBC National Short Story Award